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Overview of Flexible Printed Circuit Board Applications

Overview of Flexible Printed Circuit Board Applications

Issue Time:2022/06/13
Flexible printed circuit boards can be used in a variety of applications in various industries. They can be designed to meet low-volume or high-volume bending requirements with high precision.

Basic application types of flexible circuit boards

Flexible PCBs can be used for static and dynamic applications. Before starting any design work, the manufacturer must confirm the type of application. Understanding the type of application also makes a difference when choosing the type of materials and components used to build the PCB.

Static apps: Static Apps are also known as flex-to-install or flex-to-fit. In these types of applications, there is a small amount of flex in the circuit design. Flexible PCBs for static applications are designed with inexpensive electrodeposited (ED) copper due to the small bending motion.

Dynamic application: Dynamic application involves periodically repeating the bending of the circuit. To ensure the consistent performance of flexible circuit boards in such applications, the PCB is designed with roll annealed (RA) copper.

Flexible PCBs can be designed according to application requirements.

Diversified PCB industrial applications

There are a variety of PCB industries and applications where flexible PCBs can be used. Therefore, we focus on several major industries and applications.





Print head

Flip the phone

Computer keyboard


Robotic arm

Sensing equipment

Processing machines

Bar code equipment

Human Machine Interface (HMI) devices


Airbag system

Anti-lock brakes

GPS system

Engine control



Hearing aids

Heart monitor

Motion monitor





Tower light

LCD display manufacturing

Lighting and motion systems

The above describes the application of flexible circuit boards in detail. If you want to buy circuit boards, please contact us.

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