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Can't find what you are looking for?We provide PCBA OEM/ODM one station service and tunkey PCBA customized solution.
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Kitting Carton Box &Foam Service
Easy to Customize your own Kits Carton box, foam, your products brochure,Barcode and label.
Kitting service is an electronic component kitting and assembly service which enables you to create your own personalized kit. It comes complete with electronic packaging services to provide your kit with personalized packing and printing material.
Our team will carefully and accurately package your items to find the most cost-effective and efficient packaging solution for your various needs. Regardless of the complexity, we can provide the best supporting packaging services.
What are the advantages of custom kits?
1. We provide customized ready-to-use kits that allow you to assemble a small amount and save shipping costs.
2. Services can be expanded according to production needs and manufacturing locations.
3. Improve your ordering and material management processes with our tailor-made ancillary services, which will help increase your efficiency.
4. Singo is equipped with bulk materials, which can reduce your inventory holding costs.