One Station Service For PCBA OEM\ODM Turnkey Contract Manufacturer

Service First

At Singo, we have experienced personnel and advanced technological equipment to meet all of your electronic assembly requirements, from prototyping to high-volume production. The management team uses a hands-on approach to business to make quick decisions.

PCB assembly service

Singo is a full-service electronic manufacturing company,We have more than 18 years of experience in electronic component and pcb assembly.We are working successfully for our customers in varied industries like industrial , civil,household appliance,led lamp, medical, automobile and robotics. We have developed a personalized approach at every stage of the PCB assembly process.

Professional pcb assembly and EMS service

1.STM Assembly (Surface Mount Technology)2.BGA Assembly (Ball Grid Array)3.DIP Assembly 4.Soldering Assembly5.Box Build Assembly6.Function Testing7.Enclosure assembly8.Components Sourcing9.Prototype pcb assembly

Our Printed Circuit Board (PCB)Manufacturing and Assembly Services
FLEXIBILITY TO MEET YOUR NEEDSSingo is a full-service PCB assembly company, so you have our team available throughout the conceptualization stage and to a successful product launch. Our priority is delivering a high standard of work with quick turnaround times in everything we do for you. Our advanced equipment and skilled engineers perform a multitude of electronic manufacturing services, completing short-run productions of up to 10,000 units at a time.

Turnkey (EMS)-PCBA & Box build

We are articularly strong for products that require high technical competence and flexibility throughout the product lifecycle.
  • PCB assembly OEM service((SMT, BGA, DIP)

  • Cable,shell and Wire-harness assembly

  • PCBA ODM service

  • DFM & DFA check and test

You can provide the BOM and gerber file or idea to us,will send the price for you reference.GET A QUOTE

Standard PCB

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  • Standard technology PCB

  • More finishes/materials

  • Complete DFM check

  • Provide via pad function

  • Provides 1 day turnaround time

Assembly (optional):

  • Internal assembly

  • Provides complete DFG inspection and flying probe test

  • Component engineering assistance and procurement


Advanced PCB

Customize quotes and orders with dedicated account managers and stacking assistance
  • Complex PCB requirements

  • Special stackup aids NPI review

  • Up to 30 layers

  • Documents evaluated by engineers

  • Email quotes within hours

  • Mil Spec/Class 3/Civil Industrial/Medical

  • HDI features

  • Blind/Buried vias

  • Metal core

  • flexible/rigid-flexible


Testing and Inspection

Singo offers rigorous PCB testing and examinations of completed units to ensure they perform to your expectations, and most importantly, for the demands of your customers. We do extensive functional testing to verify proper routing and soldering, and every finished unit is checked by automatic optical inspection equipment to identify component-level defects. Our personnel can utilize our X-ray and AOI inspection station to scope for potential issues within the circuit board layers.

Electronic PCB Assembly

Singo leads the way in offering comprehensive service and support throughout the product development stages. Our skilled assembly specialists are available for consulting to determine which PCB fabrication method could be best for your application. We'll help manage the prototyping and move toward scaling up production on a finalized design. At every step, we focus on transparency and flexibility to meet your demands for a satisfactory result.

Surface-Mount Technology (SMT)

Mounting electronic components to the surface of a printed circuit board allows for more compact and space-saving configurations. For high-volume projects, we offer a significant degree of automation in surface-mounted PCB assembly, including component placement, soldering and inspection. We can assist with producing complex dual-sided circuit boards that serve specialized applications in critical situations.

One Stop/Turnkey Assembly

We provide turnkey solutions with completing and delivering your product, including system and sub-level assembling in-house. Whether we're installing wire harnesses, loading software or configuring settings, Singo can work with customized enclosures and packaging to enhance preparation for the market. After project is complete, we can send the product to you or drop-ship directly to your customers to free up your company's resources.

Understand Where Singo Craftsmanship Is Unique Or Exceeds Ipc Standards

Singo focuses on providing prototypes and small batch PCBs for designers, product development departments, market electronics companies, universities and research institutions


  • PCB board quality control
  • Material inspection
  • SMT processing
One Station Service For PCBA OEM\ODM Turnkey Contract Manufacturer